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Struggling to find the right person for heating and air conditioning repair or the best residential roofing contractors? Need home repairs, but worried about bringing strangers into your home? Been burned by a contractor who just didn’t care? You need the Ref to step in. We’re a full service company with dedicated local contractors across the U.S. ready to take care of your home repair needs. You can quickly and easily get quality residential roofing contractors or heating and air conditioning repair experts working for you at the most competitive prices through Ref Home Services. Get started now.

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Whats wrong with my AC? Its blowing but its not cold….

Often when you see your AC system is still running but it is not cooling there is more often than not one problem, a Freon leak.  The Freon can leak from anywhere, but more commonly it’s the coil.  Sometimes there are no leaks and the system just ran low of Freon, this is the best case scenario [...]  Read more »

What is a GAF Certified Roofer? And why do you need one?

GAF master elite certified roofers make only 3% of the roofers in the country and are far more likely to do a quality job on your roofing project.  Read more »

New Roof Tax Credit

The new roof tax credit, part of the federal stimulus bill made law in 2009, allows some homeowners to take a credit for 30 percent of the cost for energy-efficient roofing materials, up to $1,500. Are you eligible, and if so, would the roofing improvements help you cut energy costs? Who is Eligible for the [...]  Read more »

Heating and Air Conditioning Tax Credit

Having problems with an outdated heating and cooling system? Considering an upgrade to a more energy-efficient one? Act now and you could be eligible for a federal heating and air conditioning tax credit up to $1,500. How You Can Save by Upgrading to an Energy Efficient Heating & Air Conditioning System Depending on the age [...]  Read more »


AC Repair

When the AC or heat doesn’t work properly you suffer and energy bills skyrocket. Read why you might need residential air conditioning and heating repair.


Roofing Services

Even minor roof leaks can lead to major problems. Read why you might need roof leak repairs or new roof installation.