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New Roof Tax Credit

The new roof tax credit, part of the federal stimulus bill made law in 2009, allows some homeowners to take a credit for 30 percent of the cost for energy-efficient roofing materials, up to $1,500. Are you eligible, and if so, would the roofing improvements help you cut energy costs?

Who is Eligible for the New Roof Tax Credit

Only metal roofs with pigmented coatings and asphalt (shingle or modified bitumen) roofs with cooling granules are eligible for the new roof tax credit. Roofing materials must meet Energy Star requirements and be designed to reflect heat.

To be eligible for the new roof tax credit you must also meet the following requirements:

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Heating and Air Conditioning Tax Credit

Having problems with an outdated heating and cooling system? Considering an upgrade to a more energy-efficient one? Act now and you could be eligible for a federal heating and air conditioning tax credit up to $1,500.

How You Can Save by Upgrading to an Energy Efficient Heating & Air Conditioning System

Depending on the age and efficiency of your current heating and cooling system, upgrading to a more energy-efficient one could bring tremendous savings on electric bills. So much so that the cost of replacement could quickly be recovered even without the tax credit.

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