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Whats wrong with my AC? Its blowing but its not cold….

Often when you see your AC system is still running but it is not cooling there is more often than not one problem, a Freon leak.  The Freon can leak from anywhere, but more commonly it’s the coil.  Sometimes there are no leaks and the system just ran low of Freon, this is the best case scenario because new coils can be quite costly.

Sometimes the newer systems will shut themselves off if Freon runs low and just your interior fan will be circulating the air, not cooling it.  In this instance the outside unit of the newer systems will not be running.

If you have to replace a coil, then you will run into the question of replacing the whole system or just parts.  There are new government regulations that dictate what kind of systems can be installed.   They are doing away with the current Freon and moving to a new kind (See Post about Types of Freon), so you can not get a whole new system that runs on the old Freon, only the outside or inside units, not both.